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Jessie has always been a creative person with a passion for writing, science, history, illustrating, painting, music, film, the paranormal, and cooking/baking. It's taken a lot of hard work since she came into this world in December of 1982, but she continues to pursue her interests and passions (writing, art, and the paranormal) on a daily basis.

Jessie has been in-charge of the - now defunct - paranormal group PEAK (Paranormal Explorers of Alaska) for many years and still collects tidbits here and there of paranormal occurrences in Alaska.  Aside from her interest in the paranormal, Jessie constantly writes, draws, and paints.  Her first feature-length screenplay, written in February 2006 only took her 9 days!  It's listed under 'Writing' and is called Revelations.

From 2003-2006 Jessie attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Arts in New Jersey, receiving a degree in 2D Animation.  Previous to this, at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, she was a theatre major.  In 2012, Jessie graduated from UAF with a BA in History with a European emphasis.


Jessie spent a little time as the Alaska State Director for MUFON.

Interests include: pirates, traveling, European and US History, coffee, costuming, Halloween, horror films, the paranormal and occult, bangsian fantasy, steampunk, late-70s British punk rock, new wave/dark wave music, rock n' roll, comic books (X-Men and Batman), mythology and folklore, Egyptian history, being out on the ocean, raising her personal vibrations, conspiracies, chemistry, human anatomy, visiting zoos and museums, and trying new foods.

Here are a fun few factoids about Jessie Desmond:

  • Edgar Allen Poe is Jessie's 2nd cousin, 6 times removed (according to

  • Jessie is part Athabaskan (Alaska Native), Greek, English, Irish, Scottish, Swedish, and German.

  • She is 5'-3.5" and has several tattoos.

  • Has an occult book collection, as well as a collection of haunted and good luck items.

  • Is a huge fan of Nikola Tesla, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Tom Savini, Mike Patton, Adam Ant, and Conan O'Brien.

  • Jessie eats a restricted paleo diet.

  • Favorite political figures are Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Vlad III Dracula.

  • Her oddities include Synesthesia, a compulsion to design buildings/businesses/towns, talking to her spirit guide, and being overly self-scheduled.

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