This is a list of upcoming events and exciting news revolving around Jessie Desmond.

Jul 30 2021

I wrote the Ultramodern Futurist Manifesto to express my view of where mankind needs to focus.  It's not super long and is only available on Kindle HERE.

I am also in the middle of getting the Boreal Bigfoot Expo underway in Fairbanks, AK on Sept. 4th.

Preparing for a spooky First Friday Art Show for October.  Still in the works.

I had this idea for a tax rebate - the Good Health Initiative Tax Rebate.  I made a website and have a petition going for it.  If you like it, please sign!

On facebook I started a Horror Movie Thursday thing.  Each week there is a theme.  Pick your movie based on the theme.  I'll share what I watch.

Oct 02 2020

In the midst of 2 new books!  One is a book on having a healthy lifestyle, while the other is a novel.  I'll be working on the novel for NaNoWriMo.  You can join me HERE.

Feb 19


Be prepared for a new book coming in the next few days!  Interior Alaska Alternative Travel Guide will take through the interior to paranormal spots, cemeteries, breweries, historical places, and more!

Feb 9


Jessie is in multiple episodes of a new tv series on Travel Channel called 'The Alaska Triangle'.  It airs tonight at 5PM AKST.

Aug 10


Pitching a sci-fi/adventure comic book series with friend and artist Ed Watson.  Also, working on my Count St. Germain book.  Stay tuned for more!

Jan 28


The final part of the podcast Astonishing Legends, episode 60, "Part 3 - The Count Saint Germain" on 1/28/17.  You can catch Part 1 HERE.