Here are the books that are available for purchase, the most recent being at the top of the list.  The author asks that you leave a review on Amazon!

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The Ultramodern Futurist Manifesto

The concept of an Ultramodern Future is rooted in forward-thinking, progress of knowledge and technology, high ideals, and to ultimately attempt to create the best society possible while simultaneously understanding that we can always become better. This counterculture movement is situated on academia, the arts, and showing one’s worth through creation, discovery, and progress.

$2.99 e-Book


Interior Alaska Alternative Travel Guide

The interior of Alaska holds a lot of secrets, mysteries, and high strangeness! This is for all of the paranormal enthusiasts, potential investigators, dark tourists, and oddballs who want to give their roadtrip a little pep.

$19.99 Paperback

$9.99 e-Book

The Manual of Tools

A Guide For Paranormal Investigators

This manual was created for the sole purpose of those entering the field of paranormal investigation and research. These are the basic tools of the trade. The Manual of Tools is designed to inform its readers of why each tool is used, how to use it, and what application it’s used for.

Perfect for the beginner, teams, and the experienced paranormal investigator.

$9.99 Paperback

$3.99 e-Book

Vlad III Dracula

Vlad III Dracula, Caught Between Good & Evil  &  Dissecting Dracula: Understanding the Dichotomy of Hero and Monster through Postmortem Media


An examination of Vlad III Dracula in two papers.  “Vlad III Dracula, Caught Between Good & Evil” & “Dissecting Dracula: Understanding the Dichotomy of Hero and Monster through Postmortem Media”.  You decide, based on the evidence presented, if he was good, evil, hero, or monster.


Originally written as historiography and thesis papers in 2011 and 2012.  Jessie finally decided to publish them.

$19.99 Paperback

$4.99 e-Book

The Professional Ghost Investigator

This is a book for those who want to move into the professional realm of ghost investigation. Inside you'll find information on: - Forming a group - Necessary Equipment - How to setup an investigation - How to collect and record evidence - The basics on clearing out a haunted locale - How to present your findings Also included are ways to test your equipment, chapter quizzes, group exercises, suggested reading, group discussion topics, and more!


Paranormal investigation and research, in the most serious sense, has been a passion for Jessie Desmond since 1999.  Published in 2013 by Alaska Dreams Publishing.

$9.95 Paperback

$2.99 e-Book